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Create unique and personalized displays that fit your brand's vision with our custom design services.

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Efficient and reliable delivery services to ensure your displays are safely set up and ready for use.

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Expert maintenance and repair services to keep your displays looking great and functioning.

Maximizing Sales with Effective Apparel & Footwear Displays

The Apparel and Footwear industry is incredibly diverse, with fast fashion, designer labels, and a variety of retailers all vying for attention in a competitive market. In this space, it's necessary that your products stand out, regardless of whether you're in a large department store or a small boutique through store display and design solutions.

When it comes to Apparel and Footwear product displays, there are several key factors to consider. For example, how much floor space will you have in-store? For shop-in-shop projects, you have more creative freedom, whereas clothing racks or display mannequins require bold graphics to make an impact.
Another consideration is the use of premium displays for high-ticket items. These displays must reflect your brand at the right price point, while cost-effective materials can be used for lower price-point products. Additionally, These product displays must fit the aesthetic of the retailer's brand.

A clothing display rack is a type of fixture used in retail stores to display clothing items for sale. It typically consists of a freestanding unit with horizontal bars or hooks on which clothing items such as shirts, pants, and dresses can be hung. Our clothing racks are designed with both style and functionality in mind. They are often made of materials such as metal or wood and can be designed to fit with a store's overall aesthetic and branding. Whether you're displaying the latest trends or classic staples, our clothing racks provide the perfect platform to showcase your merchandise. Achieve the goal of showcasing clothing items in an organized and visually appealing way, making it easier for customers to browse and select items they are interested in purchasing, helping to optimize floor space in a store, and allowing retailers to display a larger number of items in a smaller area.

We provide customization services through our team of design specialists to offer you a personalized and tailored experience. To begin the process, we invite you to share your ideas and dimensions with us so that we can create a custom design for your room or business that meets your specific requirements. Our team will work closely with you throughout the design process, ensuring that the final product aligns perfectly with your vision. Rest assured that our experts will leave no stone unturned in delivering a design that is uniquely tailored to your needs.

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“The display stand is really high quality and delivery on time is more appreciated, we think the excellent supplier should supply superior service and take positive attitude like you do.”
Pamela DuncanGrocery Brand
“Beate has been super helpful and understanding to my inquiries, she matched my budget and gave me just what I need. They also shipped on time, everything came in perfect shape before the opening of my store. Highly recommended.”
Jeniffer SmithHealthcare company
“After years of cooperation, we have become a family. I hope Mr Tim can get better and better and life is getting happier,and so do I.”
Steve TailorCar Shop
“Their expertise in catering to various retail shops, supermarkets, department stores, liquor stores, bakeries, and electronic product stores is evident in the quality of their work. With their design support and solutions, they help me create the perfect store layout that maximizes space utilization and improves product visibility.”
Juliet NoelConvenience Store
“The display stand is really high quality and delivery on time is more appreciated, we think the excellent supplier should supply superior service and take positive attitude like you do.”
Sally WattJewelry Shop

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Customized Retail Displays

To us, it’s more than just sending our customers a retail display that’ll suffice. We strive to exceed expectations by providing high quality displays for each specific store’s needs.

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Efficient Layouts

Our store designers help retailers create dynamic floor plans designed to promote sales and increase customer satisfaction levels. Since not every store is the same, our expert team will work with you to make sure you are utilizing your merchandise space effectively.

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Transparent Processes

From store design, order placement, and manufacturing, to delivery, and installation, Beate will work directly with you every step of the way to ensure customer satisfaction. Your store opening is at the top of our mind every step of the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are the shop displays fixtures manufacturer factory. Established in 2003, our manufactory has 400+ Workers and we have a timber workshop and metal workshop of over 50000+ sq meters with a full set of equipment, a manufacturing facility with joinery, metal, and paint utilizes the latest technology, allowing us to deliver on time, and can offer large capacity and competitive price for you.

We do not have a minimum order requirement to purchase our merchandise. We will ship any order any size.

We focus on the quality of the product, all products are adjusted and controlled by the PMC department, and each section is strictly controlled. In addition, our QC department has organized a team of 15 members, professionally dedicated to product quality inspection so as to completely ensure the superior quality of products. Every time we check, will send the production for you on time. And also welcome you to check it.

OEM service is always available.
Quotation offered in one week based on customer's drawings.
Professional team to offer 3D drawings and product design, free charge for sketch.
Appointed designer for customized advertising and package solution.

We are glad to send samples for your inspection if we have the same or similar samples in hand. To new customers, you may need to pay the sample(depending on the product's value) and the express fees. When you place the order with us, we will refund you . And if you want us to make the same sample as you required, you may need to send us the original sample and the sampling charge, when you place an order for bulk production, we will refund this charge to you.

Absolutely! We specialize in designing displays tailored to meet the unique needs of specific retailers. Our team is well-versed in creating custom displays that align with the branding, requirements, and specifications of each retailer. Whether it's a large chain store or a boutique retailer, we have the expertise to deliver displays that will perfectly showcase your products and captivate customers.

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