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Beate has developed materials and structures in the fieldof props and now has 10 national patents

Technology-Oriented Manufacturing Company

We have achieved organic growth over 20 years through our innovation and commitment to doing right. Our products are of the highest quality and always well-designed. Even better, we ensure consistent communication with our clients throughout the entire project.

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50 000 ㎡Facroty

50 Engineers

300+ Employeers



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What Sets Us ExcellenceIn Store Display Solutions

Bespoke Design & Creativity Showcase

Our team has assisted global brands that designed to the needs of their stores, fitting and furnishing various sizes stores, adhering to hight standards and exacting requirements. we offer one stop solutions to ensure a consistent design approach throughout.

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Versatility & Ease Of Assembly

Our company provides high-quality, versatile retail display solutions that can help expand store space and increase customer interest in merchandise. We also offer detailed and specific assembly videos that can be used as a reference during the assembly process. we offer thousands of display configurations with accessories.

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Durability & Eco-Friendliness

Our fixtures material is extremely durable and has excellent longevity. For many customers, an Beate retail display can last decades! Because our products are made with recycled material, like wood, metal, you can be kind to the earth by recycling them after many years of reliable use.

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Fast Lead Time & LocalWarehouse Service

We arrange the warehousing, global logistics and implementation of your retail solution. We provide ongoing support to you and your team, to ensure that your project runs smoothly from start to finish. Beate has local warehouse service in the United States and Mexico.

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Research & Development

    At Beate, sustainability is not just a buzzword - it's a core value that drives everything we do. Our commitment to creating long-term value for our business is rooted in deep consideration of how our operations positively impact the world around us - from our ecological footprint to our social and economic impact.
    One of the key ways we demonstrate this commitment is through continuous improvement initiatives that reduce waste and optimize material utilization. By leveraging laser cutting technology and robotics in welding, we're able to minimize scrap generation and decrease our reliance on packaging and shipping materials. Not only does this benefit our customers by reducing waste and transportation costs, but it also helps us operate more efficiently and sustainably.

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