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  • Prototype design 
  • 3D interior rendering
  • Shopfitting design
  • Manufacturing drawings
  • Shop decoration design
  • Metal fabrication
  • Joinery
  • Cost estimation
  • Logistics
poka poka project 01

Our Solution

    Warmth, health, kindness, comfort, and freedom are our expressions for this design. Our bakery design solution utilizes natural materials, including terra cotta tiles, glass tiles, oak, terrazzo, and birch, to blend modern and traditional cultures to create a warm bakery that serves the surrounding community. The spatial design features open card seating areas and glass tiles to make the entire space more airy and natural while increasing social attributes and repurchases.

poka poka project 02
    On the first floor is the selling space; the selling area of the island table in the glass tiles allows the products to pile up and gather people to form the center of sales, increasing the customers' desire to buy. The use of glass blocks makes the space more transparent. In the historical streets of Suzhou, we also added traditional elements in the space and used them in the props. The second-floor space is for dine-in and bread-making areas, using different forms of guest seating areas to increase the fun and interactivity of the whole space while also considering the comfort and social attributes of the customers. Guests can see the production process of the baker in the production room through the glass, increasing their trust in food health and the concept of healthy eating that the brand wants to convey.

poka poka project 03

Our Challenge

    In the bakery design, we must create a bakery with temperature based on combining modern and traditional cultures. We need to make corresponding adjustments in material and space design while considering the needs of both sales and dine-in scenarios to make the space more flexible and changeable. In the design of the bread-making and dine-in area, we need to consider the comfort and social attributes of customers to make the whole space more exciting and interactive.

poka poka project 05

poka poka project 08

The outcome

    Through optimizing and adjusting the bakery design scheme, we finally created a bakery with a temperature that combines modern and traditional culture, reflecting the brand's desired health concept. The bakery design program meets the brand's and customer's needs and has achieved good market response and performance.

poka poka project 07

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