apparel store 4 arm clothing rack garment retail display
apparel store 4 way clothes rack with four slanted arms

Anti-Corrosion& Anti-Rust

Stable Structure

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 45001:2018

ISO 9001:2015

Four Way Clothing Display Rack With Four Slanted Arms

This rack doubles the capacity of single-sided racks by displaying merchandise from four directions.
  • Four adjustable arms allow a 360-degree multi-angle display
  • Durable steel construction, each arm holds 15kg
  • Height adjustable from 4-6 feet, suits various garments
  • The whole rack is 360° rotatable, small floor footprint
  • Locking or caster wheelbase options

The garment rack material, size, and color can be customized to meet your needs and match your brand's aesthetic.

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Pamela DuncanGrocery Brand
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“The display stand is really high quality and delivery on time is more appreciated, we think the excellent supplier should supply superior service and take positive attitude like you do.”
Sally WattJewelry Shop


Beate is known for their expertise in merchandising and is recognized for their exceptional work by designing high quality retail fixtures and shelving solutions for top brands in the grocery, retail, and distribution sectors. Through years of efforts, the company has established a perfect management system and has the ability to integrate professional research and development, design, production, and service.


The 4-way clothes rack is a versatile and functional display solution for retailers to showcase and cross-merchandise clothing items. Its adjustable height arms, customizable locking casters, and optional sign holders offer a range of features to enhance brand aesthetics and meet needs.

Equipped with wedge joints on all arms, the 4-way apparel rack allows for easy customization and branding with optional sign holders. Its freestanding design creates a compact island to organize and visually highlight many products at elevated heights, making it ideal for stores with limited floor space.

The adjustable height arms provide additional functionality to showcase clothing items at different heights for maximum visual impact. The display device also has arms that can be easily adjusted to different positions with the touch of a button, allowing for multi-level highlighting of clothing items.

Designed for flexibility and mobility, the clothes rack has customizable locking and non-locking casters, making moving to different store areas easy. It suits retail clothing stores, pop-up shops, and other promotional events.

Available in customizable materials, sizes, and colors, the four-arm clothing rack can be tailored to match brand aesthetics and specific needs. Whether showcasing tops, bottoms, accessories, or combinations, it offers a versatile and functional display solution for retail needs.